Keys to an Effective Landing Page

First Impressions

Nothing speaks first impression like a landing page. It’s the initial thing that a person sees when clicking on an ad or search result. Saying that those preliminary seconds spent looking at the page are crucial is inaccurate – it’s the preliminary split-seconds that count.


Some Do’s and a Don’t

The selected image is a key first-factor. That image can take up most, if not all of the page. Even if a viewer can’t tell what’s being marketed from the image alone, if the image appeals to them then they’ll stick around longer to find out what the page is all about.



The few words that may appear on the page are just as important as anything else. If you’re selling travel options, words like “vacation” and “trip” will instantly show the customer that they’ve arrived at the right kind of site. Presenting it in the form of a question also catches someone’s attention – A gorgeous tropical image combined with, “Where would you like to escape to next?” will make anyone want to find out what kinds of travel deals are available.


Don’t clutter up the page with lots of links, “click here” icons and wordy information. Again, with a split-second of attention to work with, you want the landing page to capture a person’s attention. Worry about holding onto their attention in other portions of your site.

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