Mobile Marketing Campaign Tips

Mobile Marketing Campaigns tend to be severely overlooked. While a Marketer should be aware of the technical aspects, their primary focus should be on their target audience and what they want this audience to receive, whether it be via a text/SMS message or campaign codes.

 TIP 1:

Remember that Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising are two different things. While Mobile Advertising is a passive approach where the audience sees the ad displayed on an app or website that they’re viewing, Mobile Marketing is a direct interaction and engagement with the consumer.

 TIP 2:

A mobile device is just that – mobile. People don’t take their computers with them when they walk into a store.  Think of the stores a customer is shopping in. Who wouldn’t want to be sent a message that includes coupons for the very store that they’re already shopping in? QR Codes are also a great way for the customer to scan an item or a sign and get instant marketing on their phone.

 TIP 3:

It’s all about the timing. Will a customer be more likely to both view AND pay attention to a message when it’s sent to them while at work, or at home?

 TIP 4:

When it comes to Text Message campaigns, it’s good to go with short and sweet. If the customer needs to reply with a code, go with something simple like a sequence of five digits or a one-word code. Be honest with the customer if replying with the code will mean a subscription to more texts.

 TIP 5

With all of the above, design is also a crucial element. A coupon or text message that includes a targeted image might catch the customer’s attention more effectively than simple words on a screen. For instance, if the customer is shopping for furniture than an image that displays comfort (such as on a bed) will entice them.

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