Marketing Myths

It doesn’t take long for a myth to turn into fact. The more it’s promoted, the more weight its “authenticity” is giving. We might not even be aware of how many myths have permeated the world of online marketing. Below are just a few examples. Can you distinguish the myths from the facts?

  • Lots of traffic to your website will equal big profits. – You look at the statistics and see a steady increase in the number of people that view your site on a daily basis. Now you’re certain that the profits will start pouring in at an equal and proportionate pace. Wrong! Who are the people visiting your site? Are they the customers that you want to attract, or a mix of this group and people that have no interest in what you’re trying to sell. You want to market your product to a target audience, and not everyone under the sun.
  • I’ve built my website, so now there’s nothing left to do. – After all of the time, money and research that’s gone into building your site, it’s finally done. Now you think you can sit back, relax, and let people enjoy your site. Also false. Designs and statistics change with the times. That means you constantly need to adapt. Is the image on your page still catering to what’s trending? Are you on top of the latest features and marketing techniques? Staying ahead of the competition means constant research and adaptation.
  • Leave it to the experts. – This one is true. Yes, you can do your own research and build your own website, but time is money. A small investment will save you that time. Let those who have already done the research and know the latest marketing trends advise you on your next steps.


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