Design and Content Go Hand-in-Hand

Imagine you’re creating a website that targets toddlers and the parents that shop for them. Perhaps you’re trying to sell educational toys, videos and games geared towards this young demographic. Your prospective customer arrives at your website and sees serious, complex images of vast forests, or sharp graphic design images of fictional mechanical structures.

See the problem? The content you’re trying to sell doesn’t match the design of the website that you’re selling it on. People don’t associate soothing outdoor images or clever graphic art with children. They expect to see goofy, colorful and playful when it comes to youth. If they see the former, more adult elements, then they’ll instantly think that they’ve arrived at the wrong kind of site and keep on browsing elsewhere.

Such contradictions must be avoided at all costs. The design and content must go hand-in-hand. The image of the bird in nature belongs to more serious content, like selling camping products. The graphic art goes with people interested in seeing what they can create with the right computer programs or graphic art courses.

Some images can also appeal to numerous kinds of customers. An image of a café, for instance, will appeal to someone who’s looking for a good cup of coffee, as well as someone that’s looking for a soothing location where they can go to get their creative juices flowing.

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