What is a Dynamic Display Ad?

Dynamic Display Ads are ads that target specific customers on specific websites. Imagine a store like Walmart that carries a wide variety of products. It’s a waste of advertising money and space for the right product to be marketed to the wrong person.  Imagine a mother seeing an image of a sleek new camera on one website, while a photographer sees images of baby toys on another.  Clearly the wires have been crossed somewhere.

With Dynamic Display Ads, the photographer will see the sleek new camera image on whatever site they happen to be browsing, while the mother will see the images of baby toys on whatever site they’re browsing on. Both customers will be directed to Walmart, where the products that they’re looking for can be found.

It might come as no surprise that technology that allows for this targeted marketing was created by Google. It’s called Contextual Dynamic Creative (CDC) Template. While still in Beta, advertisers can apply to start using this feature. Then advertisers can promote their products using a single ad unit. Google will take the products you wish to advertise, and promote them on relevant sites. While this new method might take some fine tuning, time, effort and money will be saved even before it’s fully refined.

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