How to Increase Mobile Retention Rates

Keeping the Customers That You Already Have

It’s more expensive to acquire a new customer through mobile marketing techniques than it is to hold on to one. Once the time, effort and money has been expended to get that customer, obviously you want to do whatever it takes to hold onto them. Here are some tried and true methods for increasing your retention rates:

Loyalty Programs

One tried and true method is loyalty programs. Once you have the customer, keep them coming back for more by showing them how their loyalty will benefit them. Statistically, families belong to more loyalty programs than they actually use. And what the things that will keep the customer coming back to your loyalty programs over all of the others is…

Design and Content

These two crucial things will make you stand out from the competition. They require two levels of research:

What are your customers looking to see and receive?

  • What is your competition already sending to the above customers?

You might need to enlist the help of a third party who has already done market research to answer the above questions for you. After obtaining this information you need to make sure that your content, as well as the design that conveys this content, stands out in the customer’s mind. Don’t forget that this information will be displayed on a relatively small, handheld screen.

Catchphrase + Image = Retention

Certain short phrases (“Sale!”), along with an image that will stick out in your customer’s mind (i.e. a great, targeted picture of the product on sale), will plant the pre-purchase seed that will make your loyalty program stand out from your competition’s.

Payment Methods

It’s also astounding how many businesses still don’t accept credit card payments. Make the customer’s shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible – accept credit cards! Also make sure to keep your ear to the ground with regard to which direction the market is going in, and what new methods are becoming popular. As new mobile and online payment methods become available, stay ahead of the curve by implementing them right away.

Mobile Marketing

With the number of smartphone users skyrocketing, jump on that bandwagon now. Target your customers through Mobile Marketing. Not only will they receive the marketing through their phones, but they can use it to make the actual purchases. It funnels every aspect of the shopping experience together into one convenient handheld device.

Make sure that there is a mobile-compatible version of your website. You don’t want the customer to have to expand (“zoom-in”) to each section. When the customer goes to the site on their smartphone, they should instantly be guided to a mobile-friendly version of it. You can keep the same banner theme that appears on your landing page, but it should be a more condensed version.

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