We combine talent and technology with a deep understanding of your product or brand into our work.

Strategy & Planning

We will analyze, evaluate, diagnose by using the latest data collecting tools and mechanisms in the industry. We know it takes the right mix of disciplines to ensure implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan that has a focus on the customer as well as the business needs. We will set goals for your brand or product and set the structure for your digital strategy.


Comprehensive Campaigns

Creative & Experience Design
At Adklix, we produce user experiences to enhance digital products and service offerings. Our approach derives an understanding of your business, its identity, and creative strategy. We keep up with the ever changing supply of Internet ready devices pushing digital innovation to further enhance online user experiences. Our philosophy in this regard is based on customer appeal in order to increase interactions and conversion rates . Our creative design and responsive development solutions are always tested to deliver an optimized user experience.

Social Media Marketing
We center our efforts in building content strategies that will speak to your particular audience and encourage further social activity. We produce and carefully curate content based on your customer profile(s) supported by big data. We construct a database that allows us to communicate directly with your customers. We then deploy the content throughout the different Touchpoints to reach your audience.
Adklix’social engagement and growth is above the industry average. Our results will boost your earned media Stats.

Search Marketing Programs
We understand how search engines rank websites and optimize website structure to provide visibility. Search engine marketing is basically about getting found, and today there are more ways to be found as media, and Internet ready devices change the landscape of media consumption. By integrating your user and paid search strategies we can look after your performance and increase clicks, interactions and conversions. We use a whole range of tools to get there, PPC and PPA campaigns as well as SEM and optimizers.

Content Creation & Management
In today’s landscape the lines between telling the story and selling are blurred, it’s all about content! Powerful content engages your audience and beats your competition. The right content strategy paired with strong, original ideas is the key to conversions, sales and meaningful engagement. Online audiences expect brands to support them throughout their purchasing journey with entertainment and information. At Adklix, we will deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time, and that means results.


Media Planning & Buying

Our team is knowledgeable on the opportunities available to reach that specific consumer, selecting the right media mix and constantly fine tuning and calibrating as digital media is constantly evolving. Our comprehensive approach allows us to integrate digital channels and tools, including social media. This enables us to measure cross- channel influence.


Website Application Development

Adklix technology & development handles everything from websites, applications, mobile apps for Android and iOS, to IT support, ranging from email to general systems.
We count on a business minded team of engineers and top-notch technologists that can guide you through every stage of development from design, to marketing.


Emerging Marketing Technologies

Our technology driven team has interests in various advertising and marketing platforms and we will be happy to share and provide the best technologies to optimize your digital campaign, e-commerce platform and/ or marketing assets. As we learn more about you we can expand your business together.