How to Market With Your Blog

It seems like everyone and their cousin has a blog these days. If you want your blog to stand out from this vast crowd then you need to target your audience. The first thing to do is pick your theme – what are you trying to sell or provide? Let’s say its kitchen appliances, for


E-mail Marketing – You Don’t Need to See What You Get

It doesn’t take long for a myth to turn into fact. The more it’s promoted, the more weight its “authenticity” is giving. We might not even be aware of how many myths have permeated the world of online marketing. Below are just a few examples. Can you distinguish the myths from the facts? Lots of



Banners are a simple and easy way to grab someone’s attention.  What’s not always so simple is how to design one. A banner that is too small and packed with too much information is the ultimate oxymoron – a contradiction in itself that deters anyone from paying attention to it. There are several ways to

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