Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we combine strategy, creative graphics and great copywriting to create game-changing online campaign ads.

images_01Fiverr – driving conversion

Fiverr is a successful global online marketplace for services starting at $5. But they knew their conversion rates could be better, so they asked us to help find out how.

Goal To significantly increase the number of users.

The Challenge To identify the strong points of potential growth, and to design a new ad campaign to maximize those opportunities.

The Solution We strategized a two-step approach. First, we created new banners and landing pages which we A/B tested against existing ones. Analytics revealed where target audience response patterns were strongest. Next, based on the results, we created two new sets of ads which we A/B tested against each other. These told us which ad worked best, and became the one the campaign ran.

The Results Much to Fiverr’s delight, this most effective ad improved conversion rates nearly twice our most optimistic initial projections.


Risco Group – leads to success

A 30-year pioneer in security solutions, Risco Group approached Adklix to help increase their global B2B business in a pretty dense market.

Goal To generate more – and better quality – leads in the international marketplace.

Challenge Risco’s online ads were not boosting business in Italy and Australia, territories where the company had already invested significantly to establish a distribution network.

The Solution Adklix strategized an entire package of new advertising assets – banner ads, landing pages and registration forms – specifically re-designing the graphics and copy for each of Risco’s main product lines.

The Results The newly branded campaign generated a high volume of quality leads, helping the company expand to meet its international marketing goals.


Conduit – a picture of success

Conduit is Israel’s largest Internet company, used by over 260,000 publishers including Fox News, Time Warner Cable, Travelocity and ESPN.

Goal To improve download rates of ESPN’s Cricket Info toolbar, cricinfo.

The Challenge To discover and optimize the positive emotional trigger points while neutralizing the negative ones.

The Solution We carefully analyzed existing campaign graphics, and designed two sets of new creative assets based on two different graphic structures, which we then A/B tested.

The Results Results showed that our best ad delivered greatly improved conversion rates compared to previous campaign assets.


Jollywallet – registering the change

Jollywallet invites online shoppers to enjoy up to 20% Cash Backs from thousands of popular online retailers in their program.

Goal Jollywallet had been generating users via its affiliate program. Now they wanted to help increase registration in other directions.

The Challenge To identify the ad opportunities offering best growth potential and to create a campaign kit that would maximize results in a highly competitive industry.

The Solution We strategized, designed and created a campaign for the three target audiences identified as the likeliest early adopters.

The Results Jollywallet were jolly pleased when our new marketing kit quickly ramped up their registration rates.


Optionrama – a classic makeover

A successful online trading platform, Optionrama asked us to update its visuals and in messaging.

Goal To improve sign-up rates for 3 user categories: beginners, part-timers and professionals.

The Challenge To optimize leverages for all three target audiences and maximize conversion.

The Solution After analyzing their existing campaigns and those of the competition, we designed a brand new set of creative assets tuned to each of the three separate audience identities.

The Results Our results greatly improved conversion rates in all categories – and also reduced customer churn.


ISEE Practice tests – every word matters

Independent School Entrance Examinations, are the tests used by top US schools to select students., out of Seattle, was successfully marketing themselves online. They asked us if we could create better ads for their next campaign. We took up the challenge.

Goal To boost sales of their test exams.

The Challenge To locate the potential hotspots to improve conversion rates.

The Solution The clients quickly agreed that their visuals could improve, but it took longer to persuade them to give up a text that was working … to some degree. Finally they agreed to try our new copy.

The Results In their words, the results were ‘phenomenal’. What more can we say.