Banners are a simple and easy way to grab someone’s attention.  What’s not always so simple is how to design one. A banner that is too small and packed with too much information is the ultimate oxymoron – a contradiction in itself that deters anyone from paying attention to it. There are several ways to strike the right balance with your banners:


  • Make sure that the banners conform to the proper sizes that are most commonly used throughout the internet. While people often prefer banners to be placed at the very top of the page, there are also standard sizes for the sides, middle and bottom of the pages that they’re found on.
  • Make sure to keep things as basic as possible, using as little information as possible. It’s completely possible to inform people about sales and offers using as little as five words or less.
  • If you’re including a button on the banner, make sure it stands out in both color and positioning, such as a corner placement, or is found inside a frame (like giving the button its own mini-banner).
  • Whether the banner is being viewed on a computer screen or mobile device, make the text large enough that it’s easily readable.
  • Images can be used, but make sure that they conform to the size and shape of the banner. Their purpose is to attract viewers to the important information, and not away from it.

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