Your New Twitter Profile

Social Media is constantly changing, which means you’re constantly adapting to the new potential that exists for social media marketing tactics. Sometimes these changes are to the way a Social Media service functions, and sometimes they’re simply to its design. Twitter has recently made changes to the latter, and that means it’s time for your marketing tactics to adapt accordingly.

What do these changes include? Larger profile pictures, cover/header images, the ability to pin tweets to the top of your profile, and your most popular tweets appearing in larger text. You can also filter how you see other people’s profile pages, whether it just be their tweets, tweets that contain images, and the replies.

From a marketing point of view, this can certainly help you to improve your Twitter page. Your most important tweets, whether they be about new products, services, features or deals, can now be pinned right to the top of your profile. The more popular your tweets are, the bigger they will get.

Whatever strategies you used for your Facebook page’s profile and banner photos can easily be adapted to Twitter’s version. If it worked for one, then it can work with the other. And, while Twitter is known for its text-based content, statistically speaking tweets with images attached to them get more attention, so don’t forget to include more of those.


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