Design vs. Text in E-mails

If your customers have subscribed to your e-mails, then clearly they want to be kept in the loop and get updates from you – but don’t take that for granted. Getting them to subscribe to your e-mails is one thing, and getting them to keep reading those e-mails is another.

As with any type of marketing, the two most important factors are design and content. E-mails, like with anything else, can contain both. As stated above, if your customers have already subscribed then they know who you are. Be proud of that fact and keep the company logo displayed prominently within the text. Don’t let them forget who you are.

You also need to take into account, however, that some people block images from downloading when they’re viewing an e-mail. When that happens, the customer won’t even see the logo or other images that you’ve designed your e-mail around! That’s why the text – your content – can’t be taken for granted. The perfect balance is struck when your e-mail works great with the images, and without. Make sure the text grabs the customer’s attention as much as any image will.

So which is more important – the design or the text? The answer is that it’s a draw. Both are phenomenal marketing tools that work wonderfully in tandem, but also need to function on their own from time to time.

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