Eye Tracking on Websites

There is technology out there that can track a person’s eye movements as they browse through different websites. This information can be crucial in determining what areas of a page, particularly a landing page, people’s eyes are most drawn to. It’s not just a matter of figuring out where the eye is drawn to, but ensuring that it’s drawn to the right information.

Numerous studies have been done on what kinds of colors, images and phrases will attract a person’s attention (thereby attracting their eyes). We’ve been conditioned since birth to look where others are looking. An image on your page of someone looking in a particular direction will guide a viewer’s eyes in that same direction. An arrow pointing that way can accomplish the same thing. Make sure you’re using these methods to guide people’s eyes towards important information.

People who read in languages that go from left to right will almost always start on the left side of the page. Putting a lot of weight on that side of the screen caters to this natural tendency of left to right readers.

The most important thing to remember is that you guide people towards the information that is most important for them to see. “Deal” oriented catchphrases are a waste of this method. Contact or sign-up information are where you want people’s eyes to go.

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